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Ruthenium, Iridium, Titanium Electrode

Titanium Anode with Ruthenium Iridium Coating


  • chlor-alkali industry
  • production of chlorine dioxide
  • chlorate industry
  • hypochlorite industry
  • hyperchlorite industry
  • recycling of waste water in hospital
  • production of persulphate
  • recycling of waste water in galvanization plant
  • electrowinning
  • sterilization of food appliance


  • dimension stable anode guarantees the overvoltage in an unchangeable level
  • energy consuming is lower
  • is more durable in working solution
  • has no anode-dissolving problem
  • has a higher current density
  • corrosion-proof is higher
  • the base can be used repeatedly

Other Titanium Anodes

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Titanium Anode
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