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Precious Metal Sponge
Palladium Catalysts
Platinum Catalysts
Ruthenium Catalysts
Rhodium Catalysts
Iridium Catalysts
Gold Compounds
Silver Compounds
Precious Metal Plating
Precious Metal Fabrication
Ceramic Glaze
Titanium Anodes
Rare Metal Machining
Recovery & Refining
Gas Purification Catalysts
Auto Exhaust Control
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Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium

1.Catalysts and Compounds


Slurry Bed Catalysts (Support Catalysts)

  Supported Materials:

Carbon Powder
Alumina Powder
Silica Powder
Barium Sulfate powder
Calcium Carbonate
Other Powder

  Fixed Bed Catalysts(Liquid Phase & Gas Phase)
  Supported Materials:
  Carbon Powder
Alumina Powder
Silica Powder
Barium Sulfate powder
Calcium Carbonate
Other Powder
2.Metal Compounds

Organometallic Compounds
Other Precious Metal Salts

3.Precious Metal Fabrication
We produce thousands of different precious-metal mill products included as follows:

Custom fabrications
Mill products, including wire, sheet, strip, ribbon, tubing and gauze
Sputtering targets
Thermoelectric Couple
Precision parts

4.Precious Metal Recovery
KaiDa comprehensive Precious Metal Refining Program helps you recover the maximum value from your spent precious metal material. You can streamline the refining and purchasing cycle by using KaiDa as your supplier.
5.Dimensionally Stable Anodes (Ti Anodes & Ti Electrode)

KaiDa offers different types


Ruthenium-Titanium Anode (Ru, Ti coated)
Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium Anode (Ru, Ir,Ti coated)
Iridium-Tantalum-Titanium Anode (Ir, Ta, Ti coated)
Iridium-Tin-Titanium Anode (Ir, Tin, Ti coated)

6.Ceramic Glaze and Paints
  Ceramic Glaze and Paints are liquid solutions or powder of precious metallic complexes including

Black Soluble Salt
Pink Soluble Salt.

7.Rare Metal Products
  Ti Products
  Foils, Sheet, Plates, Bars, Tubes, Wire, Mesh (Subject to International Standard GB, ASTM, etc)
Ti Medical Apparatus
Ti Micropore Materials for Filtration
Ti Standard Parts and Fasteners
Ti Surface Treatment
Ti Anodic Oxidation
Ti Alloys
  Ta, Ni, Zr, Products

Plates, Bars, Tubes, Foils, Tubes, Wires (International Standards GB, ASTM, etc.)

8.Materials for Electroplating
KaiDa offer a broad range of high quality PGM salts and solution.

Palladium Electroplating Liquid
Platinum Electroplating Liquid
Ruthenium Electroplating Liquid
Rhodium Electroplating Liquid
Gold Electroplating Liquid
Silver Electroplating Liquid

9.Gas Purification Catalysts
KaiDa gas purification catalysts comprise a carefully controlled dispersion of precious metal on alumina pellets. Each exhibits high resistance to abrasion and a high crush strength. The catalysts are capable of reducing oxygen and hydrogen impurities to less than 1ppm.
10. Auto Exhaust Control

KaiDa provides Autocatalysts for Auto Exhaust Control. An autocatalyst is a cylinder of circular or elliptical cross section made from ceramic or metal formed into a fine honeycomb and coated with a solution of chemicals and platinum group metals. It is mounted inside a stainless steel canister(the whole assembly is called a catalytic converter) and is installed in the exhaust line of the vehicle between the engine and the silencer.


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