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        RARE METAL Products ----Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium, Tantalum

1. Foils, sheets, plates, bars and tubes of titanium, nickel and zirconium (ASTM and GB standard).
2. Titanium sheets, bars and apparatus for medical use. (GB/T13810-1997)
3. Titanium micro-pore materials for filtration.
Titanium sheets or tubes for filtration with many precision.
4. Titanium anodes (DSAs) coated with Ru, Ir, Ta, Sn, Ti, Pt etc..
5. Design and manufacture titanium standard parts, titanium tightening parts, titanium quintain materials and non-standard parts.
6. Titanium surface treatment and titanium anodic oxidation
After anodic oxidation of titanium materials, many kinds of color are obtained. For example, golden-yellow, tea-color, deep blue, purple, green, peachblow, and black, etc..

Interrelated International Standard

GB/T3620-1994 Titanium and titanium alloys--permissible variations of chemical composition for wrought product analysis
GB/T2965-1996 Titanium and titanium alloy bars
GB/T3621-1994 Titanium and titanium alloy sheet and plate
GB/T3622-1999 Titanium and Titanium alloy strip and foil
GB/T3623-1998 Titanium and titanium alloy wires
GB/T3624-1995 Titanium and titanium alloy tubes
GB/T13810-1997 Surgical implant made by Titanium and titanium alloy materials
GB2054-1980 Titanium and titanium alloy sheets
GB/T2072-1993 Nickel and nickel alloy strips
GB2882-1981 Nickel and nickel-copper alloy tube
GB3120-1982 Nickel wires
GB4435-1984 Nickel and nickel-copper alloys round bars
GB5235-1985 Wrought nickels and nickel alloys--Chemical composition and forms of wrought products
GB8769-19-88 Zirconium and zirconium alloy bars and wires for nuclear application
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